Discover an unexpected national treasure located at the southern end of Lake Michigan through the Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibition series. The Calumet region, shaped by generations of community grit and passion, is home to rare ecosystems and monumental steel mills. Learn about the unique relationship between nature, world-class innovation, and artistic expression that makes this region like no other. 

In this collaborative three-part series of exhibitions located across the region, 18 local museums and history centers present their collections and stories. Each exhibition is unique—but all invite visitors to share their voices and become part of the fourth, summary exhibition at the Field Museum.

Current Exhibition — Calumet: The Land of Opportunity

In late January, Calumet: The Land of Opportunity opened at the Gary Public Library and Cultural Center. Gary Public Library facilities closed on March 17 in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. This virtual version of the Calumet: The Land of Opportunity exhibit is adapted from the current installation at the Gary Public Library and Cultural Center. Explore Highlights from the exhibition!

Learn more about past and future exhibitions in the Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibition series in the About section, or click on the links below

Previous exhibition: Calumet Elements, Historic Pullman Foundation/Pullman National Monument Visitor Center

Upcoming exhibition: A Calumet Tapestry: Artistic Views of the Region, Porter County Museum’s Montague/Urschel Gallery

Final exhibition at the Field Museum will bring components from all three exhibitions, and showcase together with highlights from the the Field’s own Calumet collections