Natural Opportunity: Introduction

Shaped by the ebb and flow of ancient glaciers, the land at the southern end of Lake Michigan was seen by some as a source of natural abundance, by others as a challenging place to eke out a living, and by still others as an empty expanse to fill with industry. For thousands of years, Native Americans lived in, drew sustenance from, and traveled through the Calumet region. Euro-Americans utilized the region’s natural resources in many of the same ways, but steadily intensified their use of the land, introducing farming where they could, and eventually light and heavy industry.

Natural Opportunity

Explore how natural opportunities have shaped–and continue to shape–the region:

Farming and Harvesting
Native Americans were the first to develop industry in the Calumet region…

Recreation and Tourism
With the arrival of passenger rail in the Calumet Region…

Botanical Treasures of the Calumet Dunes
These botanical specimens document the Calumet’s biodiverse dune and swale landscape

Saving Some Space for Nature
For the last century, Northwest Indiana residents have advocated…

Explore other themes by clicking the photos below

Industrial Opportunity

Social Opportunity

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