Social Opportunity: Introduction

As industry grew, so did the cultural diversity and the breadth of opportunity outside of the workplace. Even as population numbers exploded, people often stayed within the boundaries of neighborhood, race and ethnicity, or religion. Still, urban life afforded new options in education, community, and achievement. People took advantage of these new possibilities and at times pushed through social barriers to achieve their ambitions.

In the photo above, Children at Gary’s Bailey Branch Library pose with signs that state their country of origin. The International Institute, housed in the same building, helped immigrants adjust to life in the U.S.

Ethnic Children at Bailey Branch Library
Gary Public Library

Social Opportunity

Explore how people from diverse backgrounds have come together to make this region home.

Changing & Expanding Social Opportunity
Where to live, what school to go to, who to marry…

Taking a Stand for Civil Rights
Garites made efforts both locally and nationally, and some national figures…

The Changing Landscape of Opportunity
By the early 1980s, many industries closed their doors permanently…

Explore other themes by clicking the photos below

Natural Opportunity

Industrial Opportunity

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