The Changing Landscape of Opportunity

By the early 1980s, many industries closed their doors permanently, or greatly reduced their number of workers due to automation and overseas competition. Despite such extreme changes to the employment landscape, residents of the region continue to create new ways to make a living and maintain quality-of-life, often building on their heritage for the future of the region.

Steel Yard, home of the Rail Cats, seen from the Metro Center (NITCD) in Gary, Indiana.

Sports-oriented entertainment and craft breweries are examples of newer industries that build on regional heritage. Casinos cater to local and tourist markets.

Left: An artist’s rendering of the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana.

Below: Three Floyds Beer is brewed in Hammond, Indiana.

Believed to be the collection of a mid-century Hammond school teacher, these dolls showcase the efforts to educate school children of the growing differences in cultural dress and appearance.

Steel Yard: Chris Light / CC BY-SA (
Artist’s rendering of Mascot Hall of Fame: Provided by City of Whiting / Post-Tribune
Three Floyd’s Brewing Truck: Nheyob / CC BY-SA

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